Happy Mother’s Day to My Mama

I have a wonderful mom who literally worked her bum off for her kids and for about 75% of my childhood it was without anyone else’s help.  Not even her own mother was around often enough to really have much impact in our home.  She had me the month before her 17th birthday and by the time she was 23 years old, she had 3 kids, too many bills and not enough money.  What I love the most about her (especially when you look at how “acceptable” abortion is in today’s society) is that she had every reason in the world to abort or give us up.  But she believed we were all were gifts from God and that belief kept her from taking the easy road.  More often than not, she juggled 3 jobs while we lived in a corrupted and poor dirt town in central AZ, all while doing her best to keep the 3 of us fed, clothed, loved and alive.  Despite the odds stacked against her, she managed to raise 3 incredibly strong adults who have moved on to lead very different lives than her own.  Everytime I get into a deep conversation with my mom, she reminds me of how proud of us she is and how her biggest goal was always to make sure we didn’t have to endure the same kinds of hardships she experienced as a young adult.  The kinds of sacrifices she made were not small by any means and I could easily spend an hour listing all the sacrifices she made to ensure her kids a better future, but most of them are far too personal and simply not my place to share.  I will say that I rarely tell her how much I appreciate everything she did for us.  Like most humans, I’m quick to point out the flaws and I forget the good stuff all the time.  I’m sure that my son will likely do the same to me and I will be reminded of what a little sh*t I was to my mom and how she still loved me anyway.   Thank you for that mom.  I know we didn’t make it easy for you, but thank you for paving the way to make life a little easier for us.  It has not gone unnoticed and it will never be forgotten…

Love you and Happy Mother’s Day mama!!

My mom about 17-18 years old

Mom and I

Mom and I in San Diego

My mom and us kids

My mom with us girls

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