Rehersals and Recitals with the Brooks Family

Last month I drove up to Kennewick to document an old friend/collegue’s typical day with her family (and maybe a little catching up, seeing as it had been at least a year since we’d seen eachother!).  I will say, their typical day is a BUSY one.

After we all started to roll out of bed Saturday morning, we pretty much hit the ground running.  We rushed to thier daughter’s dance rehersal which took up a few hours, then afterwards we went to lunch at this excellent Indian restaurant, and then grabbed some ice cream at this cute little country store that had the best mint gelato I’ve ever had (seriously…the mint was just amazing).  After ice cream, we rushed home so everyone had a chance to rest a few minutes before we started all over again.  We spent some time getting thier daughter dressed up in this ADORABLE tutu ensamble, then we rushed to the recital, watched some very fantasitc dancers, then headed home to get a few posed family portraits before the sun settled below the horizon for the night.  To say I was exhausted after all was said and done, is an understatement, but I had an absolute blast with this family.  Thank you so much to the Brooks family for opening their doors to me for the weekend.  It was quite a memorable one!

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