It’s Summertime!!

Ever since I moved up here to the beautiful state of Oregon, summertime essentially begins on 4th of July weekend for us (unlike Arizona summers that start in February…ha!).  In the spirit of celebrating the start of summer, I want to share with you a compilation of photos from a few very talented documentary family photographers from all over the US, Canada, the UK, and even the Netherlands!  I asked my friends to share with me photos they thought “screamed” of summertime and they all delivered an excellent collection of photos.  As a matter of fact, I stuggled quite a bit at narrowing it down!

Please check out these gorgeous images and I hope they inspire you to get outside and have some fun this summer!!

© 2016 Blimie T

Blimie T Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Margaret Albaugh

Margaret Albaugh Photography | Like on Facebook

© 2016 Erin Watson

Erin Watson Photography | Like on Facebook

© 2016 Anna-Liisa Nixon

Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Christine Wright

Greenscapes Photography | Like on Facebook

© 2016 Jennifer Krafchick

Jennifer K Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Christie Broer-Agema

CBA Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Antonina Mamzenko

Antonina Mamzenko | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Marieke Zentjens

Marieke Zentjens Photography | Like on FacebookInstagram

© 2016 Sarah Callahan Warden

Sarah Warden Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Stacey Adams

SMA Photography | Like on Facebook & Instagram

© 2016 Tammy Johnson Smith

The Rusted Lens | Like on Facebook

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