I’ve never done the blog thing before…

I guess better late than never, right?  For anyone who does end up taking the time to read this thing, they will likely find 2 things to be true about me: 1) I’m not a very good writer and 2) I’d rather just post some pictures.  :-)  In all seriousness, my intent for this blog is to share my experiements and my thoughts as I naviate my photography journey.  I may or may not go into detail on how or why I took a certain photo and I can most certainly guarantee that the content here will be very random and probably too personal at times.  I do hope that I might encourage and maybe even be helpful to others who are on a similar journey as myself.  Anyway, if you are a random stranger who has stumbled onto my blog, please say hello.

I run a 12 month photography challenge group on facebook and this month’s theme was RED.  This was my submission after watching Snow White with my kid.  I think it’s a pretty neat shot with the shadows.

February Photography Challenge - RED

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