Flashback Friday (I know it’s Saturday)

It’s been a few days since I posted last, so I figured I would share a favorite photo of mine from the Summer of 2014.  Anyone who knows me has seen this photo of the Hood River Bridge before.  It was the first time I attempted doing a long exposure with my little Nikon1 J1 and I showed it to anyone who didn’t run away from me.  I was so very proud of this shot then and I still love it.  This is the photo that made me get serious about photography.  Like really serious.  Sure, I had been tinkering around for several months at that point documenting our son’s every little movement and reading a few books, but it wasn’t until this shot where I thought, “Hey, I could actually be OK at this if I give it an honest try!”

I shot this with my Nikon1 J1, 18.5mm lens, f/16, ISO100, 90” SS.

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