Out and About with the Kelly Family

As my few readers know, I’ve been aching to do a legitimate Documentary Family Session for quite some time now.  I have also wanted to get more kiddos in front of my camera.  I just like them.  I can’t help it.  They make the absolute best expressions and they could really care less what anyone thinks.  Thankfully, for my first session I was able to talk Conor and Kendra into letting me tag along with them on a regular Sunday morning.  I’ve worked with Conor for over 2 years now and I knew he had a beautiful wife and two gorgeous girls that would be a blast to photograph.  These two little girls were so full of energy and they were just fearless.  I was seriously impressed with how independent they are.  It is an understatement to say I had an absolute blast during this session.  I also learned some very invaluable lessons.  The biggest one is that it is super difficult to catch that “decisive moment” and you really have to pay attention!  We started our day off at the Hood River Bagel Shop for breakfast, then headed down to the Waterfront Park to play and skip rocks, and then spent the afternoon at WAAAM (one of my favorite places to take kids in Hood River).  

I mustache you a question | Hood River Bagel

Big smiles | Hood River Bagel

Sisters | Waterfront Park

Ain’t no Mountain High Enough!

Symmetry | Waterfront Park

Pretty girl | Waterfront Park

Walking with Dad | Waterfront Park

The one arm carry | Waterfront Park

Skipping Rocks | Waterfront Park

Kisses | Waterfront Park

Dads are funny | Waterfront Park

And moms too | Waterfront Park

Running back to Dad | WAAAM

Symmetry Part Deux | WAAAM

Watching the Trains | WAAAM

Found You!  | WAAAM

Mini Helicopter Pilot | WAAAM

Did you see that! | WAAAM

Sleepy | Solstice

Tuckered Out | WAAAM

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