A Birth Story

Motherhood can really throw some curveballs at you.  Kids don’t always show up on time and sometimes they decide to show up waaay earlier than you were expecting them to.  Rowan decided to do the latter and he arrived 6 weeks early.  I’ll admit that I was pretty anxious about this little man wanting to make his grand entrance so early but the team at the Hood River hospital were awesome in making sure that Rowan got the absolute best care.  They called the Panda Team in from Doernbechers in Portland so that they could immediately transport Rowan to the NICU unit after he was born.

When Rowan finally arrived and let out his loud cry, I remember seeing all the bodies in the room let out a sigh of relief.  Everyone had tears in their eyes. It was so beautiful watching his entire family fall in love with the newest member of their family.

Tori, thank you so much for letting me attend such a special moment in yours and your family’s life.  You are such a wonderful mother to Rowan and he is going to give you more joy than you could have ever imagined.  It’s not the easiest, but I do believe it is the greatest job on earth! <3

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