Kindness and the Holidays

So I ran into Walmart the other night and just like every other year during this season, it was busy, but not so busy that there wasn’t plenty of room to walk.  As I was walking through the aisles, I notice the “hurried” vibe from everyone in the store.  Everyone had thier heads down, very engrossed in the search for whatever it was they were looking for.  It wasn’t long before someone bumped into me.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I noticed how the person didn’t even look up at me…they just continued on their way.  My immediate thought was, “Ah, tis the season of the rude shopper.”

Has anyone else noticed that?  Right around the holidays, everyone seems to lose thier mind and their manners when it comes to dealing with the general public?  I know I’m not alone in this observation.

Anyway, after I found my last item on the list I headed my way to the checkout lanes and I noticed a woman holding (dragging) her older son (12ish years old) with her down the aisle.  This woman was on a mission and she was taking up the entire width of the aisle.  Before I could duck into a safer route, sure enough, she barged into me to “clear the way” and did not utter a word.  Again, it was clear she was on a mission, but my immediate reaction after being bumped into a second time, was to get mad.  To maybe yell out telling her how rude she was.  To be honest…it really pissed me off.

Then I got to thinking, why should I let others lack of care during the holidays affect how I behave??

I can only control myself and my behavior.  Do I want to join the ranks of the many rushed shoppers this season and just be rude and inconsiderate to everyone?  Or should I try to spread a little cheer?  Maybe tell someone Happy Holidays even if it was still 3 days before Thanksgiving and another month before Christmas.

I decided to try out telling someone Happy Holidays.  Unsuprizingly, it was well received.  The cashier I said this to, not only looked completely suprized when I said it, but her face just lit up with a geniune joy that really made my night.  So much so, that I tried it again when I stopped at Roseaurs before I finally made it home.

I want to challenge anyone who actually reads this blog to try and spread the cheer this season, instead of burying your head into your never-ending list of to-dos.  While the meaning of the holidays might be different for one person to another, I think we can all agree that the holidays are NOT a time to be rude and thoughtless to everyone who may be in our way.  It is a time to be kind to eachother and maybe be a little more thoughtful.

Tell someone hello, have a nice day, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, ect.  Try looking some random stranger into thier eyes and smiling at them.  They just might smile back at you.

You might actually find yourself enjoying these acts of kindness.

I know I did and I plan to continue it.  I hope that you will too.

My son demonstrating kindness, by giving Olaf a drink last winter.

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